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Galvanizing Flux

AMCO 4986

Retards the formation of oxide on the surface of the zinc baths and fluxes the base metal as it passes through the top flux. The zinc coating provides protection to the iron and steel in two ways:

1) The coating shields the base metal from the atmosphere;

2) Because it is more electronegative than iron or steel, the zinc gives sacrificial protection. Even if the surface is scratched and the base metal is exposed, the zinc is slowly consumed while the base metal remains protected from corrosion.

Galvanizing Repair

AMCO 3017

A 1/4" square by 14" long bar of tin, zinc and lead designed to deposit a protective metallic coating over ferrous metal. It is suitable for repairing galvanized surfaces damaged by rough handling or welding. For plant and field repair of galvanized surfaces.

Conforms to ASTM A780-93 4.2.1.
New York DOT approved.


AMCO 95/5

A flux and powdered metal formulation in paste form. The flux is zinc chloride-based and works to remove corrosion from the mteal surface. When the melting point of the alloy is reached, the 95/5 tin-antimony alloy melts and wets the surface to form a deposit. 75% of the product is metal. The product is suitable for Babbitt metal work.

AMCO 5094

A tinning paste consisting of mild flux composition and tin-antimony alloy powder. It is suitable for lightly tinning copper-based metal surfaces with lead-free tin coating.

As a result of its continual product improvement, Force Industries may modify the product specifications from time to time. Please consult the product's most recent technical bulletin for the most up-to-date information.