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Company Background

For over a century Force Industries has supplied the metal working industries with specialty chemicals. Founded in Philadelphia in 1910 by Frank D. McBride, the company was originally named American Solder and Flux Co., and renamed in 1968 to reflect a more diverse array of products. Now a third-generation family-owned enterprise, Force Industries' primary business is the manufacture of fluxes and metal lubricants. With nearly 200 active formulations, we provide solutions to your soldering, brazing, welding, slitting and stamping needs. AMCO products have become widely recognized in the industry for exceptional service, selection, precision and value.

Force Industries provides the broadest range of welding, brazing, soldering and galvanizing chemicals produced in the industry. The fluxes, available in pastes, powders and liquids, can serve applications using low temperature torches up to automated heat furnaces. Aluminum fluxes are a specialty: we make fluxes for dip, furnace, torch and induction brazing; welding; and low and high-temperature soldering. Many of these fluxes were originally developed by Alcoa and acquired by Force Industries in 1970 when the company purchased Alcoa's flux business.

AMCO lubricants are employed worldwide by manufacturers of metallic food and beverage containers. Formulated to comply with regulations governing food packaging, these lubricants are used for stamping, rolling, bending and deforming operations of aluminum and tinplate cans, lids and tabs.

Research and Development
We have a long and close working relationship with our customers, whose needs often change. The company's Research and Development team focuses on maintaining the company's leadership in the food & beverage packaging industry and the metal joining industry. In cooperation with customers, the team adapts and develops products to meet constantly changing environmental and safety requirements, both domestically and globally. Our laboratory staff evaluates customer requirements and can customize products to address specific, unusual or proprietary applications.

Supplier to the Suppliers
Force is highly experienced in providing private brand programs, whether supplying in bulk quantities - most economical for shipping overseas - or in the final retail packaging. We offer our expertise in chemicals manufacturing, packaging, labeling and shipping. Private brand products, manufactured by Force, are sold throughout the world.

Global Reach
From our headquarters and plant in Paoli, PA, near Philadelphia, we directly supply customers in over thirty countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. Many more are reached by a network of distributors and by private label products.